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Webhook Payload: Report Job

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Attribute Name Type
reportjob_createddate Created Date Date/Time
reportjob_createduser Created by User String
reportjob_endeddate Ended Date Date/Time
reportjob_fromdate From Date Date/Time
reportjob_outcome Outcome String
reportjob_outputemail Output Email String
reportjob_outputfile Output File Link String
reportjob_outputfilename Output File Name String
reportjob_outputfiletype Output File Type String
reportjob_records Number of Records Integer
reportjob_reportname Name String
reportjob_starteddate Started Date Date/Time
reportjob_status Status String
reportjob_statusdate Status Date Date/Time
reportjob_todate To Date Date/Time
reportjob_updateddate Updated Date Date/Time
reportjob_updateduser Updated by User String

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