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Webhook Payload: Asset Item

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Attribute Name Type
assetitem_assettag Asset Tag String
assetitem_attachments Attachments String
assetitem_buyingaccount Buying Account String
assetitem_buyingaccount_address Buying Account Address String
assetitem_created_date Created Date Date/Time
assetitem_created_user_email Created by User Email Address String
assetitem_created_user_name Created by User Name String
assetitem_currency Currency String
assetitem_discountpercent Discount Percentage Decimal
assetitem_document1 Document 1 String
assetitem_document2 Document 2 String
assetitem_goodsamount Goods Amount Decimal
assetitem_image1 Image 1 String
assetitem_image2 Image 2 String
assetitem_item_code Item Code String
assetitem_item_title Item Title String
assetitem_jobcode Job Code String
assetitem_lineamount Line Amount Decimal
assetitem_location_address1 Location Address Line 1 String
assetitem_location_address2 Location Address Line 2 String
assetitem_location_address3 Location Address Line 3 String
assetitem_location_area Location Address Area String
assetitem_location_bincode Location Bin Code String
assetitem_location_buyingaccountaddress_code Location Buying Account Address Code String
assetitem_location_city Location Address City String
assetitem_location_contactfirstname Location Contact First Name String
assetitem_location_contactlastname Location Contact Last Name String
assetitem_location_country Location Address Country String
assetitem_location_department Location Department String
assetitem_location_email Location Email Address String
assetitem_location_name Location Name String
assetitem_location_postcode Location Address Post Code String
assetitem_location_tel Location Telephone Number String
assetitem_manufacturer_itemcode Manufacturer Item Code String
assetitem_manufacturer_name Manufacturer Name String
assetitem_modelnumber Model Number String
assetitem_notes Notes String
assetitem_owner_user_email Owned by User Email Address String
assetitem_owner_user_name Owned by User Name String
assetitem_period_end_date Period End Date Date/Time
assetitem_period_start_date Period Start Date Date/Time
assetitem_priceeach Price Each Decimal
assetitem_project_code Project Code String
assetitem_project_name Project Name String
assetitem_purchaseorder_number Purchase Order Number String
assetitem_quantity Quantity Decimal
assetitem_received_at_location Received at Location String
assetitem_received_condition Received Condition String
assetitem_received_date Received Date Date/Time
assetitem_receivedby_user_email Received by User Email Address String
assetitem_receivedby_user_name Received by User Name String
assetitem_requestcode Request Code String
assetitem_sale_type Sale Type String
assetitem_serialnumber Serial Number String
assetitem_shipment_ref Shipment Reference String
assetitem_shipment_type Shipment Type String
assetitem_sourcingeventcode Sourcing Event Code String
assetitem_status Status String
assetitem_status_code Status Code String
assetitem_statusdt Status Date Date/Time
assetitem_supplier Supplier String
assetitem_unitofmeasure_code Unit of Measure Code String
assetitem_unitofmeasure_name Unit of Measure Name String
assetitem_updated_date Updated Date Date/Time
assetitem_updated_user_email Updated by User Email Address String
assetitem_updated_user_name Updated by User Name String
assetitem_vatamount VAT Amount Decimal
assetitem_volumetric_weight_gms Volumetric Weight (Grams) Decimal
assetitem_weight_gms Weight (Grams) Decimal

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