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Webhook Payload: Purchase Order

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Attribute Name Type
purchaseorder_alerts Alert Messages Array
purchaseorder_area Area String
purchaseorder_attachments Attachments String
purchaseorder_attributes Attributes Array (Attribute)
purchaseorder_billto_address1 Bill To Address Line 1 String
purchaseorder_billto_address2 Bill To Address Line 2 String
purchaseorder_billto_address3 Bill To Address Line 3 String
purchaseorder_billto_addresscode Bill To Address Code String
purchaseorder_billto_area Bill To Address Area


purchaseorder_billto_city Bill To Address City String
purchaseorder_billto_contactfirstname Bill To Contact First Name String
purchaseorder_billto_contactlastname Bill To Contact Last Name String
purchaseorder_billto_country Bill To Address Country String
purchaseorder_billto_department Bill To Address Department String
purchaseorder_billto_email Bill To Email Address String
purchaseorder_billto_name Bill To Name String
purchaseorder_billto_postcode Bill To Address Post code String
purchaseorder_billto_tel Bill To Telephone Number String
purchaseorder_buyingaccount_identities Buying Account Identities Array (Identity)
purchaseorder_collectionamount Collection Cost Decimal
purchaseorder_created_user_email Created by User Email Address String
purchaseorder_created_user_name Created by User Name String
purchaseorder_createddate Created Date Date/Time
purchaseorder_currency Currency String
purchaseorder_deliveryterms Delivery Terms String
purchaseorder_description Description String
purchaseorder_discountamount Discount Amount Decimal
purchaseorder_exportmessage Export Message String
purchaseorder_goodsamount Goods Amount Decimal
purchaseorder_instructions Instructions String
purchaseorder_invoice_date Invoice Date Date/Time
purchaseorder_invoice_number Invoice Number String
purchaseorder_invoice_paiddate Invoice Paid Date Date/Time
purchaseorder_lines Lines Array
purchaseorder_message_fromsupplier Message From Supplier String
purchaseorder_message_tofinance Message To Finance String
purchaseorder_message_togoodsreceipting Message To Goods Receipting String
purchaseorder_message_tosupplier Message To Supplier String
purchaseorder_mobile Mobile Number String
purchaseorder_number Purchase Order Number String
purchaseorder_orderamount Order Amount Decimal
purchaseorder_paymentterms Payment Terms String
purchaseorder_pickup Pick Up Integer
purchaseorder_pickupdate Pick Up Date Date/Time
purchaseorder_priority Priority Integer
purchaseorder_request_ref Request Reference String
purchaseorder_revision Revision Number Integer
purchaseorder_revisiondate Revision Date Date/Time
purchaseorder_sentdate Sent Date Date/Time
purchaseorder_shipment_sentdate Shipment Sent Date Date/Time
purchaseorder_shipping_amount Shipping Amount Decimal
purchaseorder_shipping_taxamount Shipping Tax Amount Decimal
purchaseorder_shipping_taxpercent Shipping Tax Percentage Decimal
purchaseorder_shipto_address1 Ship To Address Line 1 String
purchaseorder_shipto_address2 Ship To Address Line 2 String
purchaseorder_shipto_address3 Ship To Address Line 3 String
purchaseorder_shipto_addresscode Ship To Address Code String
purchaseorder_shipto_area Ship To Address Area String
purchaseorder_shipto_city Ship To Address City String
purchaseorder_shipto_contactfirstname Ship To Contact First Name String
purchaseorder_shipto_contactlastname Ship To Contact Last Name String
purchaseorder_shipto_country Ship To Address Country String
purchaseorder_shipto_customer Ship To Customer Integer
purchaseorder_shipto_department Ship To Department String
purchaseorder_shipto_email Ship To Email Address String
purchaseorder_shipto_name Ship To Name String
purchaseorder_shipto_postcode Ship To Address Post Code String
purchaseorder_shipto_tel Ship To Telephone Number String
purchaseorder_site_address1 Site Address Line 1 String
purchaseorder_site_address2 Site Address Line 2 String
purchaseorder_site_address3 Site Address Line 3 String
purchaseorder_site_area Site Address Area String
purchaseorder_site_buyingaccountaddress_code Site Buying Account Address Code String
purchaseorder_site_city Site Address City String
purchaseorder_site_contactname Site Contact Name String
purchaseorder_site_country Site Address Country String
purchaseorder_site_department Site Address Department String
purchaseorder_site_email Site Email Address String
purchaseorder_site_name Site Name String
purchaseorder_site_postcode Site Address Post Code String
purchaseorder_site_tel Site Telephone Number String
purchaseorder_status Status String
purchaseorder_status_code Status Code String
purchaseorder_status_date Status Date Date/Time
purchaseorder_supplier_accountref Supplier Account Reference String
purchaseorder_supplier_address1 Supplier Address Line 1 String
purchaseorder_supplier_address2 Supplier Address Line 2 String
purchaseorder_supplier_address3 Supplier Address Line 3 String
purchaseorder_supplier_city Supplier Address City String
purchaseorder_supplier_confirmed_date Supplier Confirmed Date Date/Time
purchaseorder_supplier_confirmed_discountamount Supplier Confirmed Discount Amount Decimal
purchaseorder_supplier_confirmed_goodsamount Supplier Confirmed Goods Amount Decimal
purchaseorder_supplier_confirmed_message Supplier Confirmed Message String
purchaseorder_supplier_confirmed_orderamount Supplier Confirmed Order Amount Decimal
purchaseorder_supplier_confirmed_shippingamount Supplier Confirmed Shipping Amount Decimal
purchaseorder_supplier_confirmed_taxamount Supplier Confirmed Tax Amount Decimal
purchaseorder_supplier_contactfirstname Supplier Contact First Name String
purchaseorder_supplier_contactlastname Supplier Contact Last Name String
purchaseorder_supplier_contactposition Supplier Contact Position String
purchaseorder_supplier_country Supplier Address Country String
purchaseorder_supplier_department Supplier Department String
purchaseorder_supplier_email Supplier Email Address String
purchaseorder_supplier_fax Supplier Fax Number String
purchaseorder_supplier_identities Supplier Identities Array (Identity)
purchaseorder_supplier_name Supplier Name String
purchaseorder_supplier_orderref Supplier Order Reference String
purchaseorder_supplier_postcode Supplier Address Post Code String
purchaseorder_supplier_quotedate Supplier Quote Date Date/Time
purchaseorder_supplier_quoteref Supplier Quote Reference String
purchaseorder_supplier_receiveddate Supplier Received date Date/Time
purchaseorder_supplier_tel Supplier Telephone Number String
purchaseorder_supplier_txnref Supplier Transaction Reference String
purchaseorder_taxamount Tax Amount Decimal
purchaseorder_updated_date Updated Date Date/Time
purchaseorder_updated_user_email Updated by User Email Address String
purchaseorder_updated_user_name Updated by User Name String
purchaseorder_website Website String
purchaseorder_xmldocument XML Document String

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