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Webhook Payload: Shipment

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Attribute Name Type
shipment_address1 Address Line 1 String
shipment_address2 Address Line 2 String
shipment_address3 Address Line 3 String
shipment_attachments Attachments String
shipment_carrier_name Carrier Name String
shipment_carrier_trackingnumber Carrier Tracking Number String
shipment_city Address City String
shipment_companyname Company Name String
shipment_contact_firstname Contact First Name String
shipment_contact_lastname Contact Last Name String
shipment_contact_position Contact Position String
shipment_country Address Country String
shipment_createddate Created Date Date/Time
shipment_currency Currency String
shipment_customer_purchaseordernumber Customer Purchase Order Number String
shipment_department Department String
shipment_discountamount Discount Amount Decimal
shipment_email Email Address String
shipment_fax Fax Number String
shipment_goodsamount Goods Amount Decimal
shipment_lines Lines Array
shipment_mobile Mobile Number String
shipment_notes Notes String
shipment_postcode Address Post Code String
shipment_purchaseordernumber Purchase Order Number String
shipment_receipt_notes Receipt Notes String
shipment_received_date Received Date Date/Time
shipment_reference Reference String
shipment_related_shipment_reference Related Shipment Reference String
shipment_salesorderref Sales Order Reference String
shipment_sentdate Sent Date Date/Time
shipment_shipmentamount Shipment Amount Decimal
shipment_shipping_costamount Shipping Cost Amount Decimal
shipment_shipping_vatamount Shipping VAT Amount Decimal
shipment_shipping_vatpercent Shipping VAT Percent Decimal
shipment_shippingamount Shipping Amount Decimal
shipment_shipto_address1 Ship To Address Line 1 String
shipment_shipto_address2 Ship To Address Line 2 String
shipment_shipto_address3 Ship To Address Line 3 String
shipment_shipto_area Ship To Address Area String
shipment_shipto_city Ship To Address City String
shipment_shipto_companyname Ship To Company Name String
shipment_shipto_contact_firstname Ship To Contact First Name String
shipment_shipto_contact_lastname Ship To Contact Last Name String
shipment_shipto_country Ship To Address Country String
shipment_shipto_department Ship To Address Department String
shipment_shipto_email Ship To Email Address String
shipment_shipto_postcode Ship To Address Post Code String
shipment_shipto_telephone Ship To Telephone Number String
shipment_status Status String
shipment_status_date Status Date Date/Time
shipment_supplier_orderref Supplier Order Reference String
shipment_telephone Telephone Number String
shipment_type Type String
shipment_updateddate Updated Date Date/Time
shipment_vatamount VAT Amount Decimal
shipment_website Website String

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