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Webhook Payload: Task Activity

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Attribute Name Type
taskactivity_actual_enddate Actual End Date Date/Time
taskactivity_actual_startdate Actual Start Date Date/Time
taskactivity_assignedto_type Assigned to Type String
taskactivity_attachments Attachments Array (String)
taskactivity_attributes Attributes Array
taskactivity_code Code String
taskactivity_created_date Created Date Date/Time
taskactivity_created_user_email Created by User Email Address String
taskactivity_created_user_name Created by User Name String
taskactivity_data Data String
taskactivity_description Description String
taskactivity_expected_enddate Expected End Date Date/Time
taskactivity_expected_startdate Expected Start Date Date/Time
taskactivity_name Name String
taskactivity_notes Notes String
taskactivity_notifysupplier Notify the Supplier? Boolean
taskactivity_object_class Object Class String
taskactivity_owner_user_email Owned by User Email Address String
taskactivity_owner_user_name Owned by User Name String
taskactivity_parent_task Parent Task Task
taskactivity_status Status String
taskactivity_status_code Status Code String
taskactivity_statusdate Status Date Date/Time
taskactivity_type Type String
taskactivity_updated_date Updated Date Date/Time
taskactivity_updated_user_email Updated by User Email Address String
taskactivity_updated_user_name Updated by User Name String

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