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catalog360 Portal Release Channels

To optimise our ongoing product development and support, we want to keep every customer on the latest Portal release.  To assist customers who prefer to take more time before receiving the latest release, we operate two Release Channels.

Fast-Track Release Channel

Your catalog360 account will be in the Fast-Track Release Channel by default. This means you always receive the latest production release of the Portal as soon as it is available.

Customers can review releases prior to their deployment on the Fast-Track Release Channel using the Preview environment.

Slow-Track Release Channel

Customers can request that their catalog360 accounts are deployed on the Slow-Track Release Channel.

About the Slow-Track Release Channel:

  • Perfect for customers who wish to take a more cautious approach to releases
  • Always one release number behind the Fast-Track Release Channel
  • Slow-Track gets updated regularly with the next release between 2-4 weeks after the Fast-Track Release Channel. For example, if the latest release is X this will be deployed to Fast-Track. After 2-4 weeks X would then be released on the Slow-Track, then two weeks later Fast-Track would be updated to X.1, etc.
  • Bug fixes are only made to the Fast-Track Channel

Switching Release Channels

Each catalog360 account is assigned a Release Channel, the default is the Fast-Track.

Customers can request to switch Release Channel for a catalog360 account up to 7 days before the next Deployment Event for their target Release Channel. 

Most customers on the Slow-Track for production would assign a test account to the Fast-Track which they would use to test the next release.



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