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Creating a new Sourcing Event

A sourcing event is used to get quotes from multiple suppliers for the same request. Items can be purchased for the best price by comparing different supplier quotes. 

To create a sourcing event, a request is required with the status of pending, accepted or approved.

Creating a Request

  1. From the Requests page, find a request with a pending, accepted or approved status and click it's View button.
  2. The request details page shows several buttons along the top of the page, click the New Sourcing Event button.
  3. The new sourcing event page shows details about the sourcing event including it's item lines, relevant addresses and notes to the supplier.
  4. Enter supplier names into the Send to: box to choose which suppliers will receive the sourcing event. It is possible to remove an item from the sourcing event by deselecting the tick-box beside the item line.
  5. Click the Submit button.
  6. See the new sourcing event on the Sourcing page with a status of Pending.
  7. The suppliers must now respond with their quote for the request or decline to quote. The sourcing event will then move to the Responded or Declined status.
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