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This is the Requisition page accessible by clicking the shopping cart icon beside the account menu.

Fill out all of the details on this page before hitting the Submit button, from there the request goes off to any approvers if any approval chains have been triggered, or goes out for an Order to be created.


Request Lines Table

Items added to the current draft request will be displayed as item lines in the table. The table shows details about the requested items.

Line The line number
Description Details about the request are displayed here. Including the item name, item code, supplier name, contract details and more. Icons here allow you to edit, comment and add attachments to each item line.  
Quantity The number of items being requested.

Details about the unit of measure, including price per unit if the item is a multiple container (Box of 100 objects for example).

Price Each The price per unit.

Calculated VAT or Tax if the item requires it. Tax rate is displayed here. 


The line total price, includes the Price Each, VAT/Tax and Quantity columns. 


The line ends with a button that lets you remove the item from the current draft request


Add Request Lines

Add more items to the current draft request with the following options:

Recent Items A list of items that were recently requested.
Starred Items A list of items that have been marked as a favorite.
Scan Items Use a barcode scanner to add items to the request.
Import Items Import a file (CSV or TXT) of items or paste a list of items to add them to the request.
Non Catalog Item Type an item name into an empty line description box. If the item is not found, a Non Catalog Item can be created by clicking "Not Found or New - enter item details".


Request Instructions

Add messages to the current draft request.

Message to Approvers Explain why you need the items you have requested. For example: "My monitor stopped working!"
Message to Suppliers Tell your suppliers of any specific needs or preferences. For example: "I need this by Friday"
Message to Goods Receiving
Ask goods receiving to do something. For example: "This is for Sarah, leave it at her desk."
Message to Finance Tell the finance department how it is. For Example "The cheaper option just broke on me! Time for an upgrade."
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