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Creating an Order

To create an order, a request with the status of pending, accepted or approved, or a sourcing event with the status of responded is required.

Creating a Request

  1. Add items to your request with these options:
    • Use the Search Bar on the home page to find catalog items.
    • Use the requisition page's New or Not Found Item form.
    • Paste a URL into a line on the requisition page.
  2. Go to the Requisition page by clicking the Shopping Cart icon in the top menu.
  3. Check your Cost Account (Buying Account/Address) and Delivery Address.
  4. Click Submit.

Approval Limits

Approval limits are not always set up, for more information on approval limits click here. If no approval limits are set up, the request will be processed and create an Order automatically.

  1. Once the request has been created, it will run through any relevant Approval Chains.
  2. If all approvers Approve your request, it will automatically generate an Order, and send it to the suppliers. If any approvers Decline the request, it will end there.
  3. An email will be sent to the requestor to update them on the approval status.

Raising and Managing an Order

If an issue prevents an order from being created, you can manually raise a purchase order from an existing request.

  1. Go to the Requests page and select the request that you wish to turn into an order.
  2. On the Request details page, click the Raise Purchase Order button.
  3. The order will be created on the Orders page with the status of New and is sent to the supplier.
  4. The supplier receives the order, they can then Confirm the order or make changes to the quantities, prices and add shipping costs before confirming the order. This will update the order status to Confirmed. 
  5. The supplier can now mark the order as Shipped or Part Shipped if not all order items are included. Shipping details including order tracking will be added to the order details.
  6. The order can now be Received by a user to notify the supplier that the items have been delivered. The user can mark item lines with the quantity being Received if the order is incomplete.



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