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Creating a new Invoice

From an Order

Create an invoice from an order with the status of Arrived or Received.

Creating an Order

  1. From the Orders page, choose an order with the status of Arrived or Received, click it's View button.
  2. The order details page will show a table titled Shipments which will show a list of all shipments.
  3. In the Invoice column of this table, click the Create Supplier Invoice button. 
  4. The new Invoice page will be displayed. Most details will be entered from the order details.
  5. Make any changes to the order lines, add an invoice number, a message and any attachments before clicking the Create Supplier Invoice button

New Invoice

Create a new invoice with or without a current purchase order.


  • From the Invoices page, click the New Invoice button.
  • Select the Supplier from the drop-down.
  • Select the Order from the drop-down, or click Not Listed.
  • Select the Department / Contract from the drop-down and make any changes to the Bill To address.
  • Enter invoice details such as invoice number, purchase order number, message and attachments.
  • Enter item lines into the invoice including price, quantity, units of measure and VAT/Tax.
  • Enter shipping costs below the item lines.
  • Click the Create Supplier Invoice button.


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