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New features in catalog360 Release 1.7.2

Scheduled release date: May 18th 2017 21:00 local time



The modify item page has been simplified with a number of unused tabs and options deprecated to improve usability and performance.

Data Change Tracking

Data Change Tracking is a new feature which enables attribute-level auditing of data changes made to specific entities. All changes are logged in the auditlog table which can be accessed using a standard Report Query. Users should be aware that, when enabled, there is a performance impact on any updates made to the selected entities.


The catalog360 Circle is now called circle360. An email notifying existing circle360 users will be sent on 19 May detailing the changes. circle360 will be live for all catalog360 Circle users once 1.7.2 is deployed to the Fast-Track. References in your email templates to the catalog360 Circle will automatically become circle360 by 20 May.

Aside of the name change, circle360 now features an improved Dashboard showing the most recent orders and Announcements.

circle360 Dashboard

You can easily send a circle360 Announcement to all your connected suppliers by simply creating a Post (Settings > Manage Posts) in your Portal. Simply add a Post under the “circle360 Announcements” post group. A post can be a mix of text, images and video – you have complete control over the look of your post using the HTML editor!

Using circle360 Announcements you can easily keep your supplier base informed of all your important updates.



Last edited by is now tracked on all Requests. The Edit button is treated as triggering event to capture the last edited information. The list view indicates the modification done to the Request by displaying small icon next to the Request number. On the Request page the additional information about the Edited date time/ user is displayed for easy reference. The original requester will be retained throughout the lifecycle of the Request irrespective of anyone else changing the Request. The requestor will receive an e-mail once his Request is edited by someone else.

Request Detailed View

“Shipping cost” can no longer be modified in Request details view during an Edit operation - as it did not correlate with a particular supplier on the Request this field is now deprecated.

Order detail Page

During the Edit of Order via Order detail page, additional field has been introduced to capture the % of tax on shipping cost. “Tax/VAT Total” field will not be available.

Breakdown e-mail configuration

A requestor will be sent an e-mail once the breakdown task is complete.

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