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New features in catalog360 Release 1.7.3

Scheduled release date: July 17th 2017 21:00 local time




The Settings panel has been revised to make all the grids use a much-improved approach to record display, paging, filtering and searching ensuring a consistent feel and better usability.

Please note: Due to its retirement, the link to the old Legacy Admin has now been removed. However, in this release a new Classic Settings option is provided which reveals the 1.7.2 version of the Settings pages.

Purchase Invoices

The Purchase Invoices grid now includes a filterable Purchase Order number column which displays if the PO matches the invoice. Incoming Purchase Invoices which do not have an attached PDF (such as those received via EDI methods) can now optionally have a PDF automatically created based on a configurable template.

Support for EDI X12 Imports

Manual and Scheduled Imports now support the import of EDI X12 855 POA documents.

Shipment Tracking

Inbound Shipments with tracking numbers from around 400 worldwide carriers can now generate tracking data which is shown on Shipment detail grids present on the Request, Purchase Order and Shipment pages.

Please note: No guarantees are provided, inferred or implied and any information displayed is on an “as-is basis”. At present this service is made available to all customers free-of-charge. However, this may be reviewed and we may decide not to continue to provide this service free-of-charge.

Scheduled Imports

This page has been updated to show the Last Run and Last Checked time.

SAML Single Sign-on Support

The portal now supports single sign-on using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). Please contact catalog360 Support if you wish to take advantage of this feature.

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