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Requesting from your catalog

Creating a Request

  1. Add items to your request with these options:
    • Use the Search Bar on the home page to find catalog items.
    • Enter a product name into the line search box on the requisition page.
    • Use the Products Dashboard to see lists of suppliers, categories and popular products.
  2. Go to the Requisition page by clicking the Shopping Cart icon in the top menu.
  3. Check your Cost Account (Buying Account/Address) and Delivery Address.
  4. Click Submit.

Once you've signed into the buyer360 portal, the products dashboard shows lists of suppliers, categories and popular products.

Browsing items in the Products Dashboard

From the home page, select the Products Dashboard and you will see three lists. The Categories list shows all of the available categories, select one of these to see items within the category. The Suppliers list shows all of your supplier, click a name to find items by that supplier. Lastly, there is the Popular Products which shows the most ordered items of the last 90 days. You canh select either the product name to see the product page or the product's category which will show similar or related items.

If you want to add an item to your request, make sure the quantity is what you want, then click the Add to Request or Add button.

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