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Approval Limits

Creating an Approval Limit

  1. Go to the settings page by selecting Settings from the top right dropdown menu.
  2. Select Approval Limits from the left hand menu.
  3. Click the green New button to add a new approval limit.
  4. The Applies To field lets you choose from a Buying Account, Buying Account Address or User. This selects who is effected by the approval limit.
  5. Enter a monetary value into the From Value field. 
  6. The Document Class selects whether the approval limit applies to Requests or Purchase Invoices.
  7. The Approval Chain lets you configure who approves the Request or Purchase Invoice and order them. The first user in the list will be asked for approval first, following users will only be asked for approval if the previous approver has approved the request or purchase invoice. 
  8. Click Save.
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