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Inventory Management

Use Inventory Items to manage items within a buying account address (billing or shipping address).

You can select an address from a list or use filtering to locate the one you want.

Existing inventory items linked to the address are shown, or you can search the inventory using the code, ID or title fields.

If you want to add an existing inventory item to the address, go to the Settings page and click Inventory in the left menu, then click the green New button. Select the item code from the drop-down and fill out the other details to match your requirements. 

For each item, you can enter the minimum and maximum quantities permitted as well as the reorded level.

Note that if you delete an inventory item from a 'ship to' address record, the item record itself will remain in the system. It is only the link to the address that is removed.

The following details are shown for each connection:

Ship To The Buying Account Address that the item is owned by.
Code The item code.
Title The item name.
Min. The minimum amout that should be in stock.
Max. The maximum amout that should be in stock.
Reorder The amout that should be be ordered when stock is low.
On Hand The amout that is currently in stock.
Est. Value An estimated amount based on your activity.
Check Every (?) Days How frequently the stock levels should be checked.


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