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Item Flashes

You might want to highlight a product to bring it to the attention of users browsing the catalog; for example, New!, Just In!, Reduced!, Special Offer!, and so on. You can set up five different flashes that you can add to item records.

If you've got items already set up with flashes and you change the name or other attributes, those items linked to the flash will be affected also.

Creating an Item Flash

  1. Go to the settings page by selecting Settings from the top right dropdown menu.
  2. Select Advanced Settings from the left hand menu.
  3. Click the Manage Item Flashes link.
  4. Click the green New button to add a new item flash.
  5. Enter the name into the Text field. This will be displayed in the item flash.
  6. Click Save.

These fields are required *

Text * Type a name for the flash. For example, 'New', 'Just arrived', and so on. 
Display Order You can use this to change the display order of flashes against items in the catalog. For example to show New! items before others in a search.
Auto Unset Select a period of time which when complete, the item flash will automatically deactivate. 
Default (for new items) Tick to activate this item flash for all new items created.
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