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Importing Items

How to Import Items to your catalog

  1. Start by preparing a spreadsheet populated with details about your items. Save this file as a popular file format such as XLSX, XLS, XML or CSV. The video's example is attached below.
  2. Go to the settings page by selecting Settings from the top right dropdown menu.
  3. Select Items from the left hand menu.
  4. Click the Import button to import items.
  5. Click the green Choose a file button on the import page.
  6. Select and upload the file you wish to import.
  7. Complete the mapping process by choosing the buyer360 fields that your spreadsheet data relates to.
  8. Choose whether your import should perform All Operations, Only Update or Delete or Only Insert.
  9. Now click the green Mapping Completed button.
  10. Wait for the import to finish, then you can check your import by going back to the Item Settings page.   
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