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What information do I need to create a product catalog?

You can provide comprehensive information about the products you want to sell. As well as detailed information about your products, you can include images or PDF brochures.

You don't have to provide all the information in one go. You can always add or change product details in your catalog at any time.

As a minimum, each product in your catalog must have the following:

  • Unique code or ID for the product.
  • Title or name.
  • Price
  • Dimensions or weight

You might also want to place different products into categories to make it easier for customers to find what they want and to help your organise and maintain your catalog. 

We suggest you create the item categories you need first, if you know what you'll need. That way you can add products to categories as you go. If you choose to import items using file upload, category records can be created from those you include in the CSV or Excel file.

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