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Using categories to organise your product catalog

Use categories to organise your product catalog under headings that makes it easier for your customers to find what they want. You can have one or more levels of subcategories; the lower level categories being linked to a 'parent' category. 

The simplest form of a category is a name. This is a heading that you can use to group items together that share something in common. You can add additional attributes to categories, such as a description, style, size, variety, color and so on.

Once you have set up categories, you can assign them to items in different ways. When you create a new product online, you can assign up to five categories to the item record. You do this from the Items form.

From the Categories form, you can add one or more items to a category record. Alternatively, you can import a file of items that relate to a chosen category. If your import file contains new categories, these will be created when the items are imported.

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