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Learn about product attributes

Attributes are qualities or characteristics that you want to use to classify your items and categories. You can create up to 20 different attributes and they can fall into one of the following types:

  • Item Common Attributes - These are attributes that might be applicable to more than one item. For example, product variety, grade, color, style, design, and so on.
  • Item Specification Attributes - These are attributes that are specific or unique to a particular item. For example, dimensions, weight, capacity, power rating, resolution, and so on.
  • Item Personalisation Attributes - These are attributes that personalise an item. For example, it might be a brand or mark, use-by date, and so on.
  • Item Icons - These are image files that are displayed as an icon for an item. You can give each one a description and choose a caption while display parameters control how the icon appears.
  • Category Attributes - These are attributes that apply to categories rather than items. For example, category description, product group, and so on.
  • Custom Attributes - These are attributes that you can create for one of the following classes of data: Supplier, Supplier Address, Contract, Buying Account and Buying Account Address.

It's up to you how you use the attributes and where you assign them.

The type of data you can assign for an attribute depends on it's purpose. You can choose one of the following:

  • Text
  • Number (Whole/Integer)
  • Number (Decimal/Double)
  • Yes/No
  • Date
  • Choice (Dropdown list)

This gives you flexibility over the information available to customers browsing your product catalog. 

The content of an attribute can up to 4000 characters, but you can limit the field length for each one. You can create lists of choices for attributes so a customer can select from a list.

You can set up attributes to be either optional or mandatory.

It's a good idea to plan what attributes you'll need when you set up your product catalog. However, you can add, edit and delete attributes later. If you change an existing attribute, the change will affect all items or categories already associated with that attribute.

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