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How to create your catalog of products

Use the Product Details menu to find the tools you need to create and maintain your catalog of products. These are the products that you want to make available to customers. 

There are two ways to add products to catalog360. You can do it one by one on our website, or by file upload.


This is ideal if you've got small numbers of products, as you can update each record separately online. You can also use this method to make changes to your existing product catalog if you've already uploaded a file.

File upload

If you have a product database or inventory system, you might be able to export the information to a file that you upload to catalog360. Typical file formats are CSV (Comma Separated Values) or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

You can use a combination of the two methods to create your product catalog. For example, you could upload a file through our website and correct errors using on the online method.

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