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Set up and maintain item common attributes

These attributes are common to all items.

Each attribute has a name. This can be up to 50 characters long. Once you've entered a name, click Settings to complete or edit additional details. 

Field Type

Choose from:

  • Text - This is for any text-based attribute. You can include numbers, but they are not formatted in any particular way. 
  • Number (Whole/Integer) - This is for whole numbers; that is, without decimal places.
  • Number (Decimal/Double) - This is for numbers with decimal places.
  • Yes/No - This is for attributes that are defined by a yes or no response.
  • Date - This is for a date attribute, such as a manufacturing date, use-by date, target date, and so on.
  • Choice (Dropdown list) - This is for attributes where a choice is given in the form of a drop-down list. You get to specify the choices available in the Choices field.
Mandatory Set this option if the attribute is mandatory. That is, it must be specified for the item. If the option is clear the attribute is optional.
Default Value Type a default value for the attribute. This is particularly relevant to 'Choice'  or 'Yes/No' attributes. It's optional, but if you enter a default, it will appear as the attribute value initially and the customer has the option of changing it.
Choices For drop-down list fields, type the choices available in the box, separating each choice with a semi-colon.
Minimum Length Enter the minimum number of characters required for text and number attributes. If you leave this blank, there is no minimum, so a blank entry is permitted unless the Mandatory option is set.
Maximum Length Enter the maximum number of characters required for text and number attributes. This can be up to 4,000.

Under the Name box, the system tells you how many items are using the attribute already. Note that if you make changes to the attribute, all items using the attribute will be affected.

If you want to delete an attribute, click Delete Attribute

When you have finished creating or editing the attribute details, click Update Item Common Attributes.

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