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View and search for items in the Items form

Sorting order for items

When you first open the Items form, items are listed in order of product ID. You can change the sorting order by clicking the column headings. For example, you can list items in code, title or price order instead. When you click a column heading, the items are sorted in ascending or descending order of that column. Clicking the same column heading swaps between ascending and descending order.

Searching for an item

Under Search Items, you can enter some text to help find the item you want in the contains box. In the Where box, you can pick whether you want to search within the 'Title', 'ID' or 'Code' fields. 

In the Display Settings for an item, the Display option is used to control whether an item in your catalog is visible on the public web site. If the option is not set, then the item will be ignored when you use the search option on the Items form. If you want to include the hidden items in your search, clear the Only visible items option before you click the Search button.

Viewing by category

All categories are shown when you first open the Items form. If you want to see items for one category, under List by Category, click Select Category. You can then pick the category you want. You can also search for a category if you have many of them and can't see the one you want on the page.

Number of items per page

You can change the number of items you can see per page. Just click alongside the Showing heading in the bottom left-hand corner. You can change the number of items per page to 20, 50, 100 or 250.

Moving to other pages

At the top right of the list of items, you can see which page number of items you are viewing. Enter a different page number to move straight to another page.


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