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Set up and maintain item icons

Item icons are based on image files you upload and link to a caption. For example, you might want a specific icon for adding an item to a cart, another for viewing the cart and one for buying.

To add an image file to the icon list

  1. Click select file. You can pick from existing icons that have been uploaded already, or upload a new file from your local computer. Existing image files are listed in the File Selector window. You can display files by name, icons or file name with details.
  2. Use the Browse button to search for the file, then click Upload Now. Once the file has been uploaded, a message appears as confirmation. Click to continue when prompted.
  3. In Description, type a description for the icon.
  4. In Display Parameters, enter the parameters that control the way in which the icon appears.
  5. In Caption, choose a predefined caption that controls what action is associated with the icon. 
  6. To save the icon details, click Save Item Icons.

You can select up to 20 item icons for your product catalog.

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