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Adding a category

There are various ways you can add categories for your product catalog:

  • using the Item Categories option on the administration menu followed by Add Category
  • using either the Add Category or Manage Categories action on the Items form
  • using a 'quick' entry option to add multiple categories and sub-categories using the Add Multiple Categories option on the Add Category form
  • using the Add Category quick link on the catalog360 Dashboard

If you are entering categories one-by-one, then on the Add Category form, you can enter the following details. Fields marked with an asterisk * are required.

Name * Type a name for the category.
Description Type a description for the category that can be viewed by customers browsing your online catalog. The description is one of up to 20 attributes you can assign to identify and clarify categories. If you want to add additional attributes, click the link provided in the text 'Click here to configure these'. 
Keywords Keywords help your customers find categories when they use the search facility. Type keywords that identify the category, separating each one with a comma.
Display Clear this option if you want the category to remain in your database but be hidden from view when your customers look for products. Hiding a category using this option will ignore the date fields below.
Date/Time If you want the category to appear to customers in your product catalog for a specified period of time, enter the dates and times the item will be visible. Beyond the end date and time, the category will remain in the database but be hidden from view when your customers look for products.
Order Position Use this to control the order in which the category will appear within the catalog if you don't want categories sorted in alphabetical order. The order in which categories will be sorted will then be based on the order position selected for the category.
Language Choose the language that applies for this category. Different categories can be displayed to customers according to language settings. So if you want this category to appear only for a specific language, choose the language here. Otherwise, select 'Neutral'.
Parent If this category is a subdivision of another category, you can choose the parent category from the list. 
Image You can choose to add an image for the category. It can be added only after you have saved the category.
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