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Quick method for adding categories and subcategories

There is a simple and quick way to add multiple categories and subcategories that share the same language and optionally a top-level parent category.

  1. On the Categories form, click Add Multiple Categories.
  2. In the box provided, list the categories and subcategories using a separate line for each set and the '>' symbol between subcategories.
  3. In the fields provided, choose what you want for Language, Brand and Top-Level Parent.
  4. To update the categories database, click Add Multiple Categories.


For example, the following shows a set of categories:

Office equipment > Peripherals > Printers > Laser printers > Color laser printers

In this case, 'Office equipment' is a top-level category unless you have chosen a parent category in the Top-Level Parent field. 'Peripherals' is a subcategory of 'Office equipment, 'Printers' a subcategory of 'Peripherals' and so on. 

If you do select a top-level parent, then 'Office equipment' would be the second level, with other subcategories following on from that.

Duplicate entries are ignored when the categories are created. For example, if you entered the following as a second line in the box:

Office equipment > Peripherals > Printers > Laser printers > Mono laser printers

then only 'Mono Laser printers' would be added as a new subcategory of 'Laser printers'. 

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