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Fields on the Specifications tab for items

For each item in your product catalog, you can set up to 25 specification attributes. 

For help on how to set up specification attributes, see the Set up and maintain Item Specification Attributes topic.

The following lists the fields on the Specifications tab of the Modify Item form:

Selected Template If you have set up a template for item specifications, choose the template from the drop-down list. Click Set to apply the template.
Attribute Choose the attribute from the list on the Select Specification Attribute window.
Value Enter the value of the specification attribute. Click Open Editor to edit the information in a separate window with formatting options.
Position Choose the sorting order position the specification attribute when shown in the catalog. Position 1 is shown at the top, position 25 at the bottom.
Made to Order options For made-to-order items, you can add further details. For help, see the Setup and maintain Made-To-Order Types topic.
Personalisation Attributes Choose the Item Personalisation attributes for the item. You can also choose the sorting order position. For help on Item Personalisation Attributes, see the Set up and maintain Item Personalisation Attributes topic. 



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