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Fields on the Images/Docs tab for items

You can add up to 10 images and 10 documents for each product in your catalog. These images and documents can be viewed by customers browsing your online store.

Use the Select or upload image link to pick an existing image or document that has been uploaded, or upload a new one from your local computer.

If you have several files you want to upload in one go, click the Upload multiple images option.

You can browse to locate files to upload from either of the above options.

Once an image or document is uploaded, the name of the file is shown. You can add a caption that will be displayed with the product image or document.

Note that if you import items using a file upload, you can also include the path to an existing image in the file.

Removing images and documents from a product

If you no longer want an image or document displayed with a product, you can choose to remove it from the catalog and delete the file from the database. To do this, click the Remove and delete... file option. If you want to keep the image or document, but just remove it from the catalog, click the Remove but keep...file option.

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