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Maintain your public member profile

The Public Member Profile is where the information about your business that's available to visitors to your catalog. You can add your company logo by clicking in the photo box on the left. This will appear on your profile above your business name.

You profile will show how many connections you have, how many apps you are using and how many apps are out.



This initially shows the country you chose when you signed up, but you can change it here for the profile.
Official Company or Organisation Name This is initially shows business name you used when you signed up, but you can change it here for the profile.
Main Trading Address This is the trading address of your business. There are boxes for the street address and locality, city, state, region or county and postcode or zip. 
Email This initially shows the email you entered when you signed up, but you can change it here for the profile.
Telephone Enter the main switchboard telephone number for your business. This may be different to the contact telephone number you entered when you signed up.
Website Type the URL of you business website.
Tax ID/VAT Number Type the tax or VAT registration number for your business, if it is registered for tax or VAT.
Company Registration Number Enter the registration number of your company. If your company is not registered, type 'N/A'. You cannot leave this box blank.
About Type a description for your business. Keep it brief and use to to let visitors to your catalog know what your business does. 

When you've finished entering the profile details, make sure you understand the terms shown at the bottom of the page before you click Save Profile.

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