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Catalogues overview

The Catalogues function lists orders with values based on prices purchased from vendor catalogs and the base order price. 

A search filter is provided. You can list orders by range of purchase dates, base prices or purchase prices. You can also filter by order number, customer name, ship-to location or status.

The following details are provided for each order:

Order # The order number.
Purchased On The date the order was raised.
Customer The customer name.
Ship To The ship-to location.
Base Price The total order value for goods at the base price.
Purchased Price The total order value for the goods at their purchase price.

This will be one of the following:

  • Pending
  • Closed
  • On Hold
  • Fraud

Once you have set any filter options for the list, click the Search option. If you want to reset the filter to default settings for all orders. click the Reset option.

 To view the order details of any record, click the order number in the list. For further information, see the Viewing order details topic.

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