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Invoices overview

You raise invoices for the orders that have been processed for customers buying products through your online catalog or by EDI. You can create individual invoices or raise them from existing orders. Invoices are available to view through the Invoices option on the home page.

The following details are shown for each invoice:

ID A unique ID for the invoice.
Invoice # The invoice number. You can click this field to display invoice details.
Date The date the invoice was raised.
Name The name of the customer. You can click this field to display invoice details.
Lines The number of lines in the invoice.
Goods Total The total value of the goods in the invoice.
Invoice Total The total value of the invoice, including any additional charges.

The status of the invoice. This will be one of the following: 

  • Pending
  • Paid
  • Cancelled
Actions You can choose the action you want to take for the invoice.

To view the details of an invoice shown in the list, click the invoice number or the customer name or use the View option in the Action column.


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