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Setting up features

To create a new feature for the first time

  1. From the Product Details menu, click Featured. The Features form appears.
  2. Click the link to create a new feature.
  3. Complete the fields described in the table below.
  4. Click Add Feature.

To add additional features

  1. From the Product Details menu, click Featured. The Features form appears.
  2. Click Add new feature.
  3. Complete the fields described in the table below.
  4. Click Add Feature.

These fields are required *

Name * Type a name for the feature. For example, 'New', 'Just arrived', 'Last chance to buy', and so on. 
Description Type the description of the feature. Use this to provide more detail about the feature. 
Display this feature? With this option set, the feature is visible and available in the product catalog. If you want to hide the feature from the catalog, clear the option.
Date/Time feature appears 

If you want the feature to appear to customers in your product catalog for a specified period of time, enter the dates and times the item will be visible. This field is for the start date.

The default date and time is the current date and time on your computer.

Date/Time feature disappears Beyond this date and time, the feature will remain in the database but be hidden from view when your customers look for products. If you leave this blank, the feature will remain until you either clear the 'Display this feature?' option or delete the feature.
Language Choose the language specific to the feature.
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