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The supplier Settings tab

The Settings tab of the Supplier form includes the trading options and settings.

The following fields are available:

Active? Set this option to make the supplier active in the online store. If you clear the option, the supplier record and associated products will not be visible in catalog. However, the supplier record will remain in the database.
Main Trading Choose the main trading currency for the supplier from the drop-down list.
Default Price List  Choose the price list that applies to the supplier from the drop-down list. These are maintained using the Price Lists option on the Product Details menu. You can view a list of the supplier price lists, or create a new one, by clicking the View Supplier's Price List link. 
Payment Terms Type the payment terms for the supplier.
Payment Priority Choose the payment priority from the drop-down list. This is a range of numbers from 1 (Critical), thru 5 (Normal) to 9 (Low). You use this to determine which suppliers to choose as a priority for payments.
Delivery Terms Type the delivery terms for the supplier.
Default Ship To Warehouse  Choose the default ship-to warehouse from the drop-down list. This applies if you have several supplier addresses and you need to choose which one is the default offered for shipping.
Main Trading Language Choose the main trading language for the supplier from the drop-down list.
Company Registration No. Enter the supplier's company registration number.
Tax/VAT No. Enter the supplier's tax or VAT registration number.
Custom Fields You can have up to ten custom fields - those which you can define for yourself - to store additional information about the supplier. 

Once you have completed the settings, click Modify to update the supplier record or Modify and return here to update the record by stay on the same page.

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