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The supplier Items tab

The Items tab on the Suppliers form shows the items linked to the supplier. Suppliers and items are assigned using the Suppliers tab on the Item record.

You use the Items tab on the Suppliers form to list and view item details. You can sort the list by ID, Code, Title or Selling price by licking the corresponding column heading.

Searching for items

If you want to search for an item, choose whether you want to search in the Title, Code or ID fields using the drop-down list by the Where option. Then type in the contains box and click Search.

Copying or making variants

You can copy or make a variant for one or more items by clicking in box or boxes to the last of the ID column and then clicking either the Copy or Make Variants links that appear above the list. If you choose the create variants, the Make Items into Variants form appears.

You are then prompted to enter the code of the item you want to link to the selected variants. 

Fields on the Items tab

The following details are listed for supplier items:

ID The numerical ID for the item. This is a sequential number that is assigned by the system when item records are created.
Code This is the item or product code. It is unique to each item. You can click this field to display item details.
Title This is the item title or product description. You can click this field to display item details.
Unit The item unit of measure.
Selling Price The selling price of the item at the unit of measure shown.
Variants This shows if there are variants for the item.
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