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Contracts overview

Contracts are use to link catalogs and price lists with suppliers and buying accounts. When customers browse an online store, the items available will depend on the contracts. This ensures purchases are made from the right sources at the right prices.

Before you can complete a contract record, you need to have defined the following:

Contracts have start and expiry dates. These dates are used to set the status of a expired contract. However you can manually change the status of a contract from valid to 'Revision', 'Expired' or 'Void'. 

To create a contract record

  1. On the admin menu, click Contracts. The Contract Manager form opens.
  2. Click Add Contract. The Add Contract form appears. 
  3. Type a name and code for the contract and then click Add Contract and Continue.
  4. Complete other details on the tabs provided.

To edit a contract record

  1. On the admin menu, click Contracts. The Contract Manager form opens.
  2. Existing contracts are listed. To amend one, click the code or name field. 
  3. Edit the details on the tabs provided.
  4. Click either Modify or Modify and return here.

Find out more

The contract Details tab

The contract Catalog tab

The contract Pricing tab

The contract Parties tab


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