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Adding a buying account

You can add the details of buying accounts to your store. You can link contracts to buying accounts and contracts are linked to product catalogs and price lists. 

To add a buying account

  1. From the admin menu, click Buying Accounts. The Buying Accounts form appears.
  2. On the Buying Accounts form, click Add Buying Account.
  3. Complete the fields listed below and then click the Add Buying Account and Continue button.
  4. Additional tabs are then provide to complete more details.

These fields are required *

Name * Type the name of the buying account. 
Account Number Enter the account number that identifies the buying account, if appropriate.
Active? Set this option to make this buying account active. If the option is cleared, this buying account will be inactive and therefore not available to link to a contract. However, the buying account record will remain in the database.
Language Choose the language that applies to this buying account from the drop-down list

Once you've added a buying account record, it is added to the list shown on the Buying Accounts form. 

If there are many buying accounts in the list and you want to locate a specific one, you can enter part or all of the buying account's name in the search box provided and then click Search Accounts. The system will list any matches found.

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