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Fields on the Main tab for items

The following lists the fields on the Main tab of the Modify Item form.  

These fields are required *

Manufacturer Choose a manufacturer from the list.
Code Type the manufacturer's code for the item if this is different to the code you use for the same item.
Item Code Type a unique code for the item. This might be a part number, catalog number or bar code, for example.
Title * Type a name or title for the item. This is the title your customers will see when viewing a list of products, so make it succinct and meaningful.
Price GBP

Enter the item unit price in your home currency. You can also enter a Shipping Price per item. If the item is priced according to a predefined price list, you can select the price list from the list of options shown.

You can apply special prices that apply to an item between particular dates and times. You might want to do this for promotion periods. To do this, click the Special Prices link.

Quantity Price Break Group You can create quantity price breaks for items. See Setting Up Quantity Price Breaks for more details. To assign a price break to the current item, click the Select Quantity Price Break Group link. 
Cross Links Cross links are used to promote related products within the catalog when a customer is viewing the current item. For help on setting up cross links, see the Setting up Cross Links topic.
Variants Variants are alternative or substitute items to the current item. To maintain variants, click the Manage variants link. To add a new one, click Add new variant
Common Attributes Click the link to add additional Item Common Attributes to the item.
Description Click Open Editor to type the product description.
Dimensions Enter the item dimensions in centimetres and the weight in grams.
Item Type

Choose the item type from the drop-down list. It will be one of the following:

  • Normal
  • Normal and Made-To-Order Option
  • Bundle
  • Component (Not Sold Separately)
  • Made-To-Order Option (Not Sold Separately)
  • One-Off (Non Catalog)
Transaction Type

 Choose one of the following:

  • Sale
  • Rental
  • Service
  • Insurance
Tax Group Choose the tax group for the item. For help on how to set up the tax group options, see the Managing Tax Groups topic.
Units Choose the unit of measure for the item. For help on how to set up units of measure, see the Setting up Units of Measure topic. For the selected unit of measure, you can specify a minimum and maximum per order. 
Units in Stock Enter the quantity of the item in stock in the unit of measure selected above. The system will deduct from this quantity each time an item is sold.
Normal Lead Time Enter the number of days it normally takes to deliver the item from the day it is ordered.
Item Categories Choose the item category or categories than apply. For help on managing item categories, see  the Using categories to organise your product catalog topic.


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