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How do I set a special price for an item?

You can have a special price for an item that applies for a period of time you choose. You do this by setting a start and end date and time for the price. During the period you choose, the special price will be offered instead of the normal price when it is found on your online store.

The fields for setting up special prices are on the item record.

  1. From the admin menu, click to open the Product Details menu. 
  2. Click Items.
  3. Locate the item you want to give a special price and click the item code or title field to open the Modify Item form.
  4. Click the Main tab.
  5. Enter the details under Special Prices.
Start Date/Time Enter the date and time the special price will become effective. If this field already has a date and time, you can clear the field to disable the special price. 
End Date/Time  enter the date and time the special price will cease to be effective. The normal price will apply after this unless you enter a new special price. If you leave this field blank, the special price will remain in effect until you clear the start date and time.
Special Price Enter the special price for the item in the currency or currencies you use or trade in. 


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