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Quotations overview

If you are using the Quotation module, catalog360 can raise quotations for your customers based on the items added to the basket while browsing your online catalog. These quotations are stored and available to view through the Quotes option on the home page.

You can maintain quotation details and convert them into orders.

The following details are shown for each quotation:

ID A unique ID for the quotation.
Ref# A reference number assigned to the quotation.
Date The date the quotation was raised.
For The name of the customer.
Contact The customer contact name.
Value The value of the quotation.

The status of the quotation. This will be one of the following: 

  • Accepted
  • Placed
  • Acknowledged
  • Dispatched
  • Part Dispatched
  • Problem
  • Cancelled
  • Returned
  • Not Ordered
  • Back Order
Actions You can choose the action you want to take for the quotation.

To view the details of a quotation shown in the list, click the quotation reference number.

To print the quotation, click the Print link.

To edit the details of the quotation including the customer's organisation and contact details, click the Edit link.


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