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Viewing invoice details

You can click the invoice number or customer name in a list of invoices to display more details. The original invoice details are shown including the invoice detail lines. You can view associated credit memos and shipments.

If you want to view the invoice document as a web page or PDF, click More and then choose either View Document (Web) or View Document (PDF)

The Details tab shows the following information:

Invoice Details
Invoice Number

The invoice number.

Invoice Date & Time The date and time the invoice was raised.
Invoice Status The current status of the invoice.
Invoice Total The total value of the invoice including any charges, such as shipping.
Customer Details
Customer Name The name of the customer.
Email The customer contact email address.
Buyer The customer buyer contact name.
Phone Number The customer contact phone number.
Address details The invoice address including telephone and email address.
Address details The invoice sender's address including telephone and email address.
Line The item line number.
Product The product code.
Description The item description.
Quantity The item quantity for the invoice line.
Unit The unit of measure for the item.
Unit Price The unit price for the invoice line.
Line Total The total for the invoice detail line.
Goods Total The invoice subtotal for all the item lines.
Shipping The value of shipping.
Total The total value of the invoice including any charges, such as shipping.
VAT/Tax The amount of VAT or sales tax calculated for the invoice.

Invoice Total

The total amount of the invoice.






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