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Adding a supplier record

You can add the details of product suppliers to your store. You link items to their suppliers. When customers browse your online catalog, a link to the supplier is available. Clicking the list shows the customer all items available from that same supplier.

To add a supplier

  1. From the Product Details menu, click Suppliers. The Suppliers  form appears.
  2. On the Suppliers form, click Add Supplier.
  3. Complete the fields listed below and then click the Add Supplier and Continue button.
  4. Additional tabs are then provide to complete more details.

These fields are required *

Name * Type the name of the supplier. This is the name that will appear on the items details to customers browsing your online catalog.
Account Number Enter the account number that identifies the supplier, if appropriate.
Active? Set this option to display this supplier's details on item records in the online catalog. If the option is cleared, this supplier will be inactive and therefore not visible. However, the supplier record will remain in the database.
Language Choose the language that applies to this supplier from the drop-down list

Once you've added a supplier record, it is added to the list shown on the Suppliers form. You can assign suppliers to item records. The list shows who many items are linked to the supplier.

If there are many suppliers in the list and you want to locate a specific one, you can enter part or all of the supplier's name in the search box provided and then click Search suppliers. The system will list any matches found.

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