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The supplier Integration tab

The Integration tab of the Supplier form includes the settings that control outbound messages and inbound document handlers for electronic data interchange.

You can also add external much out catalogs.

The following fields are available:

Outbound Integration Method Choose the protocol method used for outbound data from the drop-down list.
Outbound - Submit URL Type the URL that is used for the submission of outbound data.
Outbound - User Name/Credentials Type the user credentials used for outbound connections.
Outbound - Shared Secret Type the details for the shared secret authentication or authorisation needed for the outbound messages.
Service Credentials Click the link to open the Add Integration User form. Here you can enter the integration user ID and password to use for the chosen service.

Inbound Document Handlers

Click the Manage Document Handlers link to open the Document Handlers form. You can then manager the document processing rules for purchase invoices, credits, orders, shipments, inventory, requisitions, contracts and catalogs.

Choose the handlers from the drop-down lists for the following:

  • Purchase Order Acknowledgements/Updates
  • Supplier Shipments
  • Purchase Invoices
  • Purchase Credit Notes
External Catalogs

Click the Add External (Punch/Out) Catalog link to add the name of an external catalog and choose the supplier.


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