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Identifying markets in which you sell products

You can create records that identify different geographical markets in which you sell products. A market might be one zone or country, or it might be a collection of zones and countries.

One market is already set up called 'Global', which comprises all the countries you have already defined.

By creating additional market records, you identify which products are available in particular markets. Customers browsing the online store can see the items that are available, depending on their own geographical location.

To add a new market

  1. From the Product Details menu, click Markets. Alternatively, From the Display Settings tab on the Modify Items form, click the Manage Markets link under Market Availability.
  2. Click Add new market.
  3. In Name, type the name of the market.
  4. Click the Add Market button.

To add countries to a market

  1. On the Manage Markets form, locate the name of the market you want to edit.
  2. Click the name of the market to open the Modify Market form.
  3. Under Countries assigned to this market, choose the country to add from the drop-down list and click Add. If you need to remove one or more countries from the list, select the tick box alongside the country or countries and click Unassign Selected.
  4. Under Zones assigned to this market, if there is a zone that applies to the market, choose from the drop-down list and click Add. Continue with other zones if applicable.
  5. To update the market record, click Modify the Market or Modify the Market and Return.

The new market will be added to the list on the Manage Markets form and will show the number of countries assigned. 




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