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Sending an order to a supplier - OrderRequest

The Buyer orders products from the Supplier’s PunchOut Catalog.

Procurement applications convert approved purchase requisitions into one or more

purchase orders. A purchase order is a formal request from a buying organization to a supplier to fulfil a contract.

The OrderRequest document is analogous to a purchase order.

When you configure your account on a network commerce hub, you specify a URL to which all cXML purchase orders will be sent. Upon receiving a purchase order, you send it to your internal order management system and fulfil it as you normally would.

Your website must also return an Order Response document to the network commerce hub, which tells the buyer that you successfully received and parsed the purchase order.

The following example shows an OrderRequest for an item:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<cXML xml:lang="en-US" payloadID="93369535150910.10.57.136" timestamp="2000-08-03T08:49:11+07:00">



                 <Credential domain="AribaNetworkUserId">





                 <Credential domain="DUNS">





                 <Credential domain="AribaNetworkUserId">




                 <UserAgent>Network Hub V1.1</UserAgent>





                 <OrderRequestHeader orderID="DO102880"

                         orderDate="2000-08-03T08:49:09+07:00" type="new">


                         <Money currency="USD">4688.00</Money>



                         <Address isoCountryCode="US" addressID="1000467">

                                 <Name xml:lang="en">Acme, Inc.</Name>

                                 <PostalAddress name="default">

                                         <DeliverTo>John Q. Smith</DeliverTo>

                                         <DeliverTo>Buyers Headquarters</DeliverTo>

                                         <Street>123 Main Street</Street>

                                         <City>Mountain View</City>



                                         <Country isoCountryCode=”US”>United States</Country>


                                 <Email name="default"></Email>




                         <Address isoCountryCode="US" addressID="12">

                                 <Name xml:lang="en">Acme Accounts Payable</Name>

                                 <PostalAddress name="default">

                                         <Street>124 Union Street</Street>

                                         <City>San Francisco</City>



                                         <Country isoCountryCode="US">United States</Country>





                         <Money currency="USD">12.34</Money>

                         <Description xml:lang="en-US">FedEx 2-day</Description>



                         <Money currency="USD">10.74</Money>

                         <Description xml:lang="en">CA State Tax</Description>



                         <PCard number="1234567890123456" expiration="2002-03-12"/>



                 <ItemOut quantity="2" lineNumber="1">







                                         <Money currency="USD">2344.00</Money>


                                 <Description xml:lang="en">Laptop Computer Notebook Pentium® II

                                         processor w/AGP, 300 MHz, with 12.1&quot; TFT XGA Display



                                 <Classification domain="UNSPSC">43171801</Classification>


                                 <Extrinsic name="ExtDescription">Enhanced keyboard</Extrinsic>



                                 <Accounting name="DistributionCharge">

                                         <AccountingSegment id="7720">

                                                 <Name xml:lang="en-US">Account</Name>

                                                 <Description xml:lang="en-US">Office Supplies





                                         <Money currency="USD">4688.00</Money>







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