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Payment Requests and Remittance Messages - PaymentProposalRequest, PaymentRemittance

The Supplier’s PunchOut Catalog sends payment requests.

cXML automates the payment process through scheduled payment and remittance advice documents. These documents allow trading partners to track and process payments. The cXML payment process includes scheduled payments (plans for payment), discounts, creating and sending payments regardless of where payments are made, and ensuring that payments have been received.

The PaymentProposalRequest document is a scheduled payment. It allows buying organizations to specify payment due dates and discounts.

The PaymentRemittance document lists payment transaction details for a wide variety of business scenarios, including standard invoices, credit memos, and debit memos.

The following example shows the structure of a PayableInfo element that includes an optional PayableOrderInfo:




         <InvoiceIDReference or InvoiceIDInfo>






         </InvoiceIDReference or InvoiceIDInfo>



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