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What is the format of the CSV file for categories?

If you want to import your item categories into catalog360, you need to create a CSV file in the right format. You can use a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel for this and save it as a CSV (comma separated values) format file.

Alternatively, if you already have categories in your online catalog, you can export these to a CSV file and amend them, or add new records before importing the updates. For more information about this, see the topic Exporting categories to a CSV file.

Each column must be separated by a comma. Exporting a spreadsheet from Excel to a CSV format file will do that for you.

Note: Do not include column headings in your CSV file. The headings below are just for your information.

 Column Description  Data type Max length in characters
Category Number Each category is identified by a unique number or code. This is the content of the Code field when you create a new category. Alphanumeric 100
Category Name The description for the category. This is the content of the Title field when you create a new category. Alphanumeric 255
Parent Category Number If the category is a subcategory of another, this is the code of the parent category. Alphanumeric 100
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