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Cart / Quote from the PunchOut Catalog - PunchOutOrderMessage

The Supplier’s PunchOut Catalog sends a quote.

After the user selects items on the supplier’s website, configures them, and clicks the supplier’s “Check Out” button, the supplier’s website sends a PunchOutOrderMessage document to communicate the contents of the shopping basket to the buyer’s procurement application. This document can contain much more data than the other documents, because it needs to be able to fully express the contents of any conceivable shopping basket.

This document does not strictly follow the Request/Response paradigm:

<?xml version="1.0"?>


<cXML xml:lang="en-US" payloadID="933695160894" timestamp="2002-08-15T08:47:0007:00">



<Credential domain="DUNS">





<Credential domain="DUNS">





<Credential domain="">

<Identity>website 1</Identity>


<UserAgent>Workchairs cXML Application</UserAgent>






<PunchOutOrderMessageHeader operationAllowed="edit">


<Money currency="USD">763.20</Money>



<ItemIn quantity="3">







<Money currency="USD">763.20</Money>


<Description xml:lang="en">

<ShortName>Excelsior Desk Chair</ShortName>

Leather Reclining Desk Chair with Padded Arms



<Classification domain="UNSPSC">5136030000</Classification>







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