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Supplier confirms a purchase order to the buyer's solution - ConfirmationRequest

The Supplier’s PunchOut Catalog sends an order status update.

This transaction provides detailed status updates on a specific Order Request.

It extends the simple acknowledgment of an order, provided by StatusUpdateRequest,

to a more detailed item level confirmation and ship notification.

Servers must respond to a ConfirmationRequest with a generic Response document.

A document is one of the following types, specified by the type attribute of the ConfirmationHeader element: “accept,” “allDetail,” “detail,” “backordered,” “except,” “reject,” “requestToPay,” and “replace.”

The following example shows a ConfirmationRequest element that is of type “accept”.


 <!-- Without the confirmID, it remains possible to update the original confirmation.

 This update refers (in the OrderReference element) to the same OrderRequest

 document, describes the status of the same items and refers to the original

 confirmation document in the DocumentReference element. However, the confirmID

 makes the update much more explicit.

 Note: The noticeDate changes to match the time of the update and not the original

 confirmation time.-->

 <ConfirmationHeader type="except" noticeDate="2011-10-13T18:39:09-08:00"

                 confirmID="C999-234" operation="update"


         <DocumentReference payloadID="" />


                 <Money currency="USD">190.60</Money>



                 <Money currency="USD">2.5</Money>

                 <Description xml:lang="en-CA">FedEx 2-day</Description>



                         <Money currency="USD">0.19</Money>

                 <Description xml:lang="en-CA">CA Sales Tax</Description>


         <Contact role="shipFrom">

                 <Name xml:lang="en-CA">Workchairs, Vancouver</Name>


                         <Street>432 Lake Drive</Street>



                         <PostalCode>B3C 2G4</PostalCode>

                         <Country isoCountryCode="CA">Canada</Country>




                                 <CountryCode isoCountryCode="CA">1</CountryCode>






         <Comments xml:lang="en-CA">Look's great, but for the price.</Comments>


 <!-- The orderID and orderDate attributes are not required in the OrderReference element. -->

 <OrderReference orderID="DO1234">

         <DocumentReference payloadID="" />


 <ConfirmationItem lineNumber="1" quantity="10">


 <ConfirmationStatus quantity="10" type="detail" shipmentDate="2000-10-14"




                 <Money currency="USD">1.64</Money>


         <Comments xml:lang="en-CA">Very sorry. There's been a slight

         (30 cents) price increase for that colour and it will be one day late.





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