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Setting up cross references

If you use different item titles and codes to those associated with suppliers or manufacturers, you can set up cross references to create an association between them.

To add a cross reference

  1. On the Product Details menu, click Cross References. The Manage Cross References form appears.
  2. On the Manage Cross References form, click Add new cross reference. The Add Cross Reference form appears.
    Complete the details described in the table below.
  3. Click Add Cross Reference.

These fields are required *

Name * Type a name for the cross reference.
Description * Type a description for the cross reference. 
Language Chose the language for the cross reference from the drop-down list.
Brand Choose a brand from the drop-down list.
Enabled Set this option to make the cross reference active. If you clear this option, the cross reference will remain in the database but not be visible in the online catalog.


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