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Setting up rules for data quality

You use the Data Quality option on the Product Details menu to maintain rules for data handling within the catalog360 system.

Rules can be set up for different document types, including:

  • Purchase Order Update
  • Supplier Shipment
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Purchase Credit Note
  • Requisition
  • Inventory
  • Contract
  • Supplier Catalog
  • Item Attribute

You can set rules using AND and OR logic gates, picking from a list of variables and operators, and actions that result according to the outcome of the rule checks. For example, you might want to set up a rule to check that invoice prices match the order. 

If the action is a message, this can be one from a table of messages you define. Messages have different levels of severity; information, warning, or error. Message rules dictate what happens when a rule results in a particular level of severity.

Document handlers identify those parties who are assigned to a particular rule.

Approval chains identify individuals who are part of a document approval process; for example, to approve transaction values above a certain value.










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